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SMASS and WDC Forum 2019

Event Details

Address: Old Perth Road, Inverness IV2 3JH

Share knowledge, Take action, Sea change

Bringing people together to celebrate citizen contributions to a better understanding and protection of the marine environment.

A fun, educational day filled with topical talks and interactive workshops by influential researchers and conservationists

Talks from guest speakers:

Key note address Chris Butler-Stroud (CEO, WDC)

SMASS 2018: an extraordinary year Dr Andrew Brownlow (SMASS)

Understanding citizen science: analysis of Shorewatch data Dr Graham Pierce (CSIC / IIM)

How we use Shorewatch data to protect cetaceans Sarah Dolman (WDC)

Songs from the deep: Discoveries from a Scottish underwater listening network Dr Denise Risch (SAMS)

When the brain goes diving Dr Chris McKnight (SMRU)


Interactive workshop sessions

You will have the opportunity to attend three of the four workshops on offer:

Cold cases; an introduction to identifying cetacean and pinniped bones and the importance of skeleton collections. Georg Hantke (National Museums Scotland)

Baleen and beaked whales; observation and identification skills Emma Neave-Webb (Sanday Development Trust)

Campaigning for marine life – from the sea, to the community, to Holyrood (and beyond!) Noel Hawkins (Living Seas) / Ailsa McLellan (#NoKelpDredge) / Janis Patterson (USS)

To refloat or not to refloat; the use of post mortem data to inform rescue and rehabilitation decisions Dan Jarvis (BDMLR) and Dr Mark Dagleish (Moredun Research Institute)

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